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Monday, July 26, 2010

Back 2 School!

OMG! It's back to school time already!

Our Cria's are excited to buy school supplies, meet their new teachers and new friends and start another year of learning!

The Herd is excited because this presents another opportunity for us to connect with our Llamatists and get their artwork circulating in public!

Here's the deal: we have
kids from all over town coming into our Yellow Llama Studio Store in Tucker to design original images to wear to school! We like to say, "why be Wal-Mart drab when you can be Yellow Llama FAB?"

Our in-store designer is busy (around the clock
and on weekends) trying to keep up with the demand! So...
We need YOU to help us!
And as always, not only will we copyright those images and release all the rights to you - you'll also get paid mucho royalties each time our (aggressive & successful) sales team sells your image!

To Get Started:
  1. Simply go to, register for your free gallery, or log-in to your existing gallery and...
  2. Start uploading images marketable to kids from K-12! (Yes! We have kids of all ages coming to us....please help!)
  3. Email us (at your Yellow Llama Login name, phone number and an image for us to preview. Put "B2S Images" in the subject line.
  4. We'll contact you and get you on your way to marketing your, well, just more or less sitting there creating images while our sales llama runs around in the HotLanta weather marketing your images!
Here's to YOUR success!

Back to School is (literally) around the corner!
Get those images in FAST!

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