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Monday, November 15, 2010

What Does Yellow Llama Do, Actually?

We do A LOT!

Here it is Barney style:

  • We give non-profits a very low cost means to raise funds.
  • We help businesses expand their product offerings through custom-printed apparel.
  • We promote artists through our B2B relationships.
  • We assist artists to copyright and license their artwork.
  • We build product web-pages so small business can become global business.
  • We build relationships with MAJOR players in the art world in order to better promote our artists.
  • We educate and train our business partners to ensure their new on-line business is successful right out of the gate.
  • We support local businesses through partnerships and sharing relationships.
  • We network with lots of people and promote our partners whenever we can.
  • We print custom apparel to outfit business & build a branded image.
  • We design images for new businesses so they don't have to be "artsy-fartsy" to get in on our business model.
  • We hire and train design and business students in our Studio Store.
  • We donate shirts to local and global charities.
  • We offer FREE and paid galleries for artists to display and market their artwork.
  • We offer a product line for artists to design specifically for the commercial marketplace.
  • We have birthday parties for all ages where invitees create & print their artwork on a tee.
  • We have a 40 foot bright yellow RV with full inventory & printing capabilities to bring art field trips to schools or promote & monetize events around the country.
  • We offer a business license program to help entrepreneurs open their own Yellow Llama Studio Store and be open for business even while their store is under construction.
We do a lot and we've only just begun. Within the next few weeks you'll see our name next to some pretty high-caliber, big-time players. We're proud of our mission and the news is spreading fast.

Leave us a comment or send an email to if you have a question about what else we can do...or what we're getting ready to do...or if you'd like to partner with us as well!

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