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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fundraising the Llama Way

Generally speaking, llamas are hard working animals.
But, we're too pretty to work hard all the time, so we came up with a way to make money...without having to work hard at it.

Fundraising with Yellow Llama includes a branded website, expertly designed apparel and a check at the end of the month.

YUP. It really is that easy.

Here's the Barney-style break down:
  1. Come in to our Yellow Llama Studio store or give us a call (770) 493-8030. Don't forget to mention that you saw this blog post.
  2. Choose the products you would like on your fundraising website.
  3. Give us your design or let our Llamatists design one for you.
  4. Pay $149.
  5. Receive a check at the end of the month.
We do all the work: we process the payments, print the orders, package the products, ship the order and handle all the customer service.

No more walking door-to-door with money in your pocket or putting your kids on the corner at the grocery store to sell snack foods! Never again will you have to squeeze a lemon, bake a cookie or pick-up a bug-covered nasty sponge to wash a car!

Can we get a "woot woot?"

Call or stop in TODAY!

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