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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why DTG Digital Printing Works for You...

The following is an excerpt from a great article about digital DTG printing.
You can find the whole article here.

The newest and most exciting way to imprint garments is Direct to Garment Digital printing or DTG. DTG digital garment printing involves the use of a highly modified inkjet printer with specially formulated garment inks which are heat set with a heat press or tunnel dryer. Unlike screen-printing, DTG output does not require separations, films and screens. Once your artwork is ready on the computer it is output directly onto the garment.

Because of the lack of steps required for DTG, short run orders can be quickly and economically produced in a seemingly infinite number of colors. The cost of output onto a white or light colored garment is typically under 20 cents for an 8½ x 11 image and output onto a dark garment for the same size image is generally around $2.00. Production times on a DTG digital garment print are similar to those for a sublimation or thermal transfer, and generally a bit slower than those for traditional screen-printing (once the press is set up and printing). With DTG digital garment printing there is virtually no hand on light and white garments and minimal feel on
dark garments.

Because we can do short runs (generally 100 or fewer shirts) our printing process is idea for
  • fundraising,
  • civic groups,
  • small businesses,
  • social groups
  • PTA
  • Boosters
  • etc.
And with our MicroSite ordering process, we handle all the order details so you don't need a volunteer to keep track of all of that! Call to find out more about fundraising, advertising and having fun with your group! (We do parties too!)

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Tucker, GA 30084

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