Yellow Llama Zambia Trip

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out-Pacing the Pack!

Our Moo-la Llama has really done it this time...

on-top of busting the office doorknob, bogging down the laser printer and freezing our Adobe Photoshop...she's gone and sold more than our current Llamatists can keep up with!

So we're calling out to YOU!

We're looking for free-lance artists, illustrators, designers, etc. to fill the needs of our B2B Partners. We have several ways to compensate contributing artists, but you'll never know until you ask!

So, leave us a comment below, drop us an email at or simply head to our website & register for your free gallery! Start uploading your images (we'll copyright them for you on the spot) and let us know you're ready to work!!!

Oh, spread the word to all your friends too...
Moo-la Llama is unstoppable!

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